Who we are

Who We Are

The friendly team at Anglesea Gynaecology, 62 Tristram Street, go out of their way to put every patient at their ease, dealing with women in a sensitive, caring and professional manner. The centre’s team of two highly skilled gynaecologists – Dr. Ved Prakash (VP) Singh and Dr. Lakshmi Ravikanti – are all highly regarded in their fields within New Zealand and Australia.

  • Previously known as Anglesea Women’s Specialist, Anglesea Gynaecology is the only Gynaecology group practice of its kind in Hamilton, allowing the team to share their expertise for complex cases. The centre diagnoses and treats a comprehensive range of gynaecological conditions that can be very distressing for women.

The centre also diagnoses and treats pre-cancer of the cervix and some gynaecological cancers.

Anglesea Gynaecology understands that an examination is often required and can be nerve-wracking for many women, so every patient is chaperoned by a female staff member for that extra bit of reassurance. “We’re a very busy and popular practice with a great team of experienced doctors and diligent staff,” says Dr Hastie. “We try to be as friendly as possible, whilst providing a very professional service.

Anglesea Gynaecology offers world class technology for performing advanced laparoscopic surgery. Another advantage is easy access to medical services at Anglesea Clinic, including MRI scanning, X-rays, ultrasounds and blood tests. The doctors at Anglesea Gynaecology also work at Fertility Associates and have public hospital appointments as well. One unique feature of this practice is that all complex surgeries are carried out by two gynaecologists working together as a team to ensure a high standard of safety, at no extra cost to the patient. Patients can rest assured they will receive the very best in pre- and post-operative care for a speedy recovery.

If you feel a bit embarrassed about going to see your GP, Anglesea Gynaecology also offers cervical smear tests.