Estimate of surgical cost can be obtained preferably after a consultation so we can individualise the costs to what your needs are.
The estimate we will give you will be based on current average costs and will comprise:

  1. Surgical
  2. Anaesthetics
  3. Facility Fee –
    • Recovery
    • Theatre
  4. Accommodation
  5. Medical Equipment

Please remember these will only be estimates

New patient consultation: $ 240.00
New patient colposcopy consultation and examination: $730.00
Colposcopy and Biopsy: $260.00
Return colposcopy consultation and examination: $630.00
Return gynaecological consultation: 30 mins $ 240.00
Return gynaecological consultation: 15 mins $ 140.00
Result Consultation: $ 90.00


Payment needs to be done at time of consultation. Cancellation and changes of appointment times are required a minimum of 5 days prior to being seen. Please note the above figures are estimates only and the costs may vary depending on time taken in consultation. We endeavour to minimise waiting times but sometimes delays are unavoidable, particularly if there are emergencies which need to take priority.